More contributions

During my degree show I asked visitors to add to the collaboration project:

'I used to play with rocks on the beach when I was a toddler, but I never called it art. Now I play with rocks and I call it art'. Steve

'I used to draw lots as a child - my step dad was a Jehovah's witness - I used to find their meetings' torture. The way I coped was to draw lots and lots of pictures during the meetings. it was absolute hell for me if I forgot my drawing pencils and pad..... ' Daisy

I can see the influence in Jo's handwriting

'My dad is a judge and used to bring home piles of court transcripts for my sister and I to use as scrap drawing paper. I often think about the horrible court cases documented alongside our 'art' although we were completely unaware of it at the time. We're now both graphic designers so maybe the typewriter type had a subconscious effect!'

'Do we all feel like scratching away at the surface to find out who we truly, or what our memories are? Reveal yourselves!! reveal your feeings! Great project' Natalie

I can remember my work as an art student in the 60's and how enjoyable the whole thing was. Now I think it is too analytical - if I was a student now the 'analysis paralysis' would be counter productive'.